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Nu-Calgon 4185-15 - Condensate Pan Gel Tabs, 15 Ton

Gel Tabs are formulated with a breakthrough gel locking technology for treating air conditioning drain pans and lines. They will keep the drain pan from clogging and eliminate foul and musty odors. Gel Tabs are easy to use? put them into the drain pan and forget about them. When activated by condensation, the tablet will turn to gel and lock into place. This ensures that the tab will not move and potentially block the drain. Gel Tabs are designed to completely dissolve at an even rate over a 3 month period leaving nothing to remove when the product is done working.
Special Features: 
Protects drain pan against clogs
Gel formulation locks tab into place
Completely dissolves
Up to 3 months of protection
Eliminates foul & musty odors
Type: Condensate Pan Treatm
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