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HK61EA005 - Carrier OEM Replacement Furnace Control Board

HK38EA005 Bryant / Carrier / ICP FAP Part...When looking for replacement boards, look no further than our Factory Authorized Parts (FAP)! FAP are designed to meet exact Carrier Corporation specifications, ensuring optimum system performance, proven reliability, easy installation and maintenance and safe system operation.Features & Specifications:OEM Control BoardNOTE: DO NOT SELECT YOUR PART BASED ON THE IMAGE / UNIT SPECIFIC COMPONENTReplaces / Supersedes: CESO130035-00 , CESO130035 Also Replaces Circuit Board from Carrier Corporation, 1715, 0 06 62442 56645 5, CEPL130225-01-I, Factory Authorized Parts, Replacement Components DivisionCommonly Used in: FV4ANB006000ADAA, FV4ANF002000AAAA, FV4ANF002000ABAA, FV4ANF002000ACAA, FV4ANF002000ADAA, FV4ANF003000AAAA, FV4ANF003000ABAA, FV4ANF003000ACAA, FV4ANF003000ADAA, FV4ANF005000AAAA, FV4ANF005000ABAA, FV4ANF005000ACAA, FV4ANF005000ADAA, FV4BNB003000AAAA, FV4BNB003T00AAAA, FV4BNB005000AAAA, FV4BNB005T00AAAA, FV4BNB006000AAAA, FV4BNB006T00AAAA, FV4BNF002000AAAA, FV4BNF002T00AAAA, FV4BNF003000AAAA, FV4BNF003T00AAAA, FV4BNF005000AAAA, FV4BNF005T00AAAA, FV4CNB003L00ABAA, FV4CNB003T00AAAA, FV4CNB003T00ABAA, FV4CNB005L00ABAA, FV4CNB005T00AAAA, FV4CNB005T00ABAA, FV4CNB006000AAAA, FV4CNB006000ABAA, FV4CNB006L00ABAA, FV4CNB006T00AAAA, FV4CNB006T00ABAA, FV4CNF002000AAAA, FV4CNF002000ABAA, FV4CNF002L00ABAA, FV4CNF002T00AAAA, FV4CNF002T00ABAA, FV4CNF003000AAAA, FV4CNF003000ABAA, FV4CNF003L00ABAA, FV4CNF003T00AAAA, FV4CNF003T00ABAA, FV4CNF005000AAAA, FV4CNF005000ABAA, FV4CNF005L00ABAA, FV4CNF005T00AAAA, FV4CNF005T00ABAA, PF1MNA071000ACAA, PF1MNA071000ADAA and Similar Carrier / Bryant / Payne & ICP SystemsNote : Images are for illustration only. Actual item may vary.
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